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Warning: This comic was created during my baby snake days as a writer, where I thought the more provocative my writing was, the better.
I was wrong.
The thought of deleting "Pull-Up!" crossed my mind many times, but sadly, the same way the types of people I make fun of in this book hold onto their foolish, insensitive relics of the past; is the same way I hold onto my senior year capstone.
Which is probably the funniest joke this book has to offer.
I put months into this book and feel ashamed at some of the jokes I thought were funny at the time, and hope whoever takes the time to read this. I apologize in advance if I offend...unless you're a goddamn nazi.
Then you can go f%#k ya self.
P.S. If do you read it and wanna let me know how you feel. Why don't you send me an audio review over to my Gmail, and ol' boo boo might just animate it.

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